Sunday, June 8, 2008


Hi all! Welcome to 'So Stacie' - THE online community for the most talented, beautiful singer - Stacie Orrico! I would like to christen the blog with the good news that Stacie is back, and is hitting the road on a tour in Japan throughout July - annoying for me, considering I'll actually be over in Japan in June, so I'll JUST miss out! Anyway, leave a comment introducing yourself, so we all get to know eachother - hopefully I'll have a forum up and running for us soon! Anyway, welcome! Woohoo!!!


Kwinnky said...

Great blog, I'll be checking it out often.

Curdey said...

Thanks, kwinnky!
And feel free to let other people know about the site, cuz I really wanna build a great Stacie fan community!!!

Milena said...

Hi! I'm from Costa Rica and I'm a Stacie fan!

Curdey said...

hi milena!
Great to hear from you - please visit the site often, i'll be posting stacie news as often as possible!