Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hey hey hey!

Hey all! So sorry for the lack of updates - there hasn't been too much to report! I hope you've all gone to YouTube to check out all the Stacie videos from Singfest!

An article from the New Straits Times in Malaysia popped out a beautiful little article about the highlights of Singfest, and no surprise, our girl Stacie was the first act to be mentioned, Hafidah Samat writing:

"Grammy-nominee star Stacie Orrico impressed the crowd with her mostly upbeat R&B numbers."

Samat continues further to say that, "Orrico proved her mettle and was well-received by the energised crowd at the festival."

I've only heard amazing things about this gig from Singfest, and judging by the videos on YouTube, Stacie is in top form! I wish I was there!

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to track down any media from Stacie's whirlwind Japan tour, but if we keep our fingers crossed, I'm sure something will come soon!

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