Thursday, August 21, 2008

Operation Stacie-pedia!

I've been thinking - Stacie's Wikipedia page is rather bare in comparison to other musicians' Wiki-pages!  So, I propose we do a bit of a clean-up on it - including a photo of her!

If you have a look at Avril Lavigne's Wikipedia page, for example, each album era has it's own section.  It would be great if we could do that for Stacie's, don't you think!?

Anyway, this is usually a very busy time of the year for everyone - I know I'm over my head with uni assignments as well as work and church commitments, but hopefully together we'll be able to make Stacie's Wikipedia page the hottest page on Wiki!


Kwinnky said...

Great idea. It's nice to see another committed fan page.

Clément said...

Hey Curdey !
I can work on the french wikipedia page!

Good blog ;-)

Milena said...


I can help with the spanisk wiki...! :)