Sunday, August 3, 2008

Stacie On World Youth Day Soundtrack!

Hey So Stacers! So, while we are patiently awaiting some media from Stacie's whirlwind tour through Japan, I thought I'd let you know that Stacie has been included on the 2008 World Youth Day Soundtrack, entitled 'Receive The Power - Songs Of Faith'! World Youth Day was held in Sydney this year, and thousands of pilgrims flocked to see the Pope - so the fact that Stacie has been included as a theme song of this momentous event is quite special! Stacie's beautiful '(There's Gotta Be) More To Life' was included on the soundtrack! Other artists that appear include Stacie's good friend Rachael Lampa with her song 'Blessed', Switchfoot & Amy Grant! To view the Cd and it's tracklisting, click here.
P.S. The results are in, and you guys think that 'Brush 'Em Off' is the best B-Side from Beautiful Awakening! Now, cast your vote on which version of 'Beautiful Awakening' you like most!


Milena said...

I hope don't made a mistake... cuz I voted for the American Edition... (in that Stacie looks with a dress like cream, right?)... well... that's my fave, anyway, I had the European Edition... I think so... (in that appears a piano?)...

Curdey said...

yep, thats right!
i own the japanese version and the australian/british version!

i would do anything to get my hands on the american version though, the cover is beautiful!!!