Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Poll Results & New Poll!

Hey hey all! So the results from our last poll are in, and you thought that the American/Canadian version of 'Beautiful Awakening' was the best cover! The European/Australian version came in at second, and the Japanese version third!

We have a new poll now, while we're eagerly waiting for some new Stacie news - what do you think should've been Stacie's third single off of Beautiful Awakening? Dream You managed to gain some airplay on a few radio stations around the world after So Simple was released, but Stacie also hinted at Is It Me being a single with a preview music video being released. However, Easy To Luv You did seem to be a favourite of hers to perform! Or do you think it should've been one of the other great songs from Beautiful Awakening? You decide!

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