Sunday, December 7, 2008

December Update

Hi all! So, the votes are in and 'White Christmas' wins the competition for the most popular song from Stacie's 'Christmas Wish' CD! Be sure to put Stacie's Christmas CD on many many times during this month, as I have been doing already, to get you into the Christmas spirit! If you haven't already picked up a copy of 'Christmas Wish', then go here to pick up a copy!

No new Stacie news has come through the So Stacie headquarters unfortunately, but remember to please stay faithful to Stacie Orrico - I'm sure she's enjoying some time off with family and friends, and will be back onto making great music for us in the new year!

Thanks so much for visiting the website and checking up on our favourite singer - and make sure to keep coming back to So Stacie for any breaking Stacie news!

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Hey Mickey i need i favor i havent chek stacie myspace [for fans] i forgot the e-mail and password can u send it to me by messege please? also i found something if you have facebok you can see her profile but i've been tryng to add stacie since many months ago but she just ignore me hahaha i dont know why maybe she doesnt want werid people hahaha anyways she changed today her profile pircture and honestly it looks liek for me a promo picture but im not shure check it out =]