Friday, May 1, 2009

VERY exciting news - new album confirmation!

Hi all! I've got quite exciting news for y'all! A while ago I got into contact with Jarvis Church telling him how much we loved the duet he did with Stacie Orrico, and whether he knew when a new album was coming out from Stacie. I've just received a reply, in which Jarvis very kindly has let us know they're working on her new album right now!

With 'Light Years Apart' being a little taster of what's to come, and Lady And A Tramp also confirming that she's in New York recording, I cannot wait for album number four! Apart from 'Do For You', the duet Stacie did with Jarvis last year, Jarvis and friend Brian West (known as Track & Field production team) also produced the title track from Stacie's stunning 'Beautiful Awakening' album!

I LOVE the soulfulness of Beautiful Awakening! This is fantastic news, and I can't wait for album number four!!!

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Dallas said...


Hopefully she inked a deal then!

Dallas said...

Oh also wanted to say...I've been snooping around twitter, and Stacie has been recording and writing a lot more songs with Brandon Beal and Cannon Mapp.

Prisciliano said...

Hard to belive but lets see ....... with what sorprise Stacie is coming ,,,,,,,

The Prophet said...

Omg thanks so much for this! Im gonna post it later and credit u xox

Mico.theamazing said...

I CAN'T WAIT! But no news about her inking a deal? =(