Sunday, September 27, 2009

Stacie Orrico News Update - September

Hi So Stacers! Thanks for bearing with the lack of updates this month - I've been under the pump with A LOT of uni work and others stresses, and as a result, I haven't had any time to update, BUT, the load has freed a bit until the main end-of-year exams start, and I'm pleased to be filling you all in with some pretty cool stuff:

1. French Stacie Orrico fan site is reporting that a source close to Stacie, named Kevin, revealed that Stacie is putting the final touches on her new album, and is waiting for a new recording contract to release the music. I really hope this news is true, and hopefully Stacie will confirm for us on her official website the latest on her new musical endeavours.

2. A YouTube video has sprung up from 'Stalactic7' requesting Stacie to return to the music industry, and inviting fellow fans to make similar videos. A link to the video is below, and I really encourage y'all to get involved with this, and show Stacie our support for her possible return.

So, as we still wait to hear from the "horse's mouth" (as put by Soundwavve earlier this year), we anticipate all the news we've been hearing to be true, and hopefully our favourite soulful songstress will grace us with her wonderful new music very soon!

P.S. I also realised it was three years ago TODAY that I got the extraordinary chance to spend a day with the wonderful Miss Stacie Orrico! It was a day I'll never ever forget - I got to watch Stacie do a whole lot of interviews with various media, then had lunch with her, followed by a trip to a television studio to hang out with her there - Stacie is one of the most sincere, genuine people I've ever met. She's a lovely, stunning woman with a beautiful soul - I still pinch myself to think I was able to spend some time with her. :-)

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bum said...

sweetness! thanks for the update and 4 letting us in on ur little Stacie moment. and keep up with the uni work ;-).