Friday, October 23, 2009

New Newness!

Hi friends! So I've got a couple of things to tell y'all:

1. Dallas, one of the hardest working Stacie music investigaters (:-P) has been informed via a music industry connection that Stacie has indeed been signed by a new label and is working on her new album.

2. Just a couple of hours ago, music news blogger Josh Vinaixa has Twitted that "It's Official" that Stacie Orrico is working on music for her new album, with a tentative release date for May 2010!

How exciting is all this! I'll continue hunting down as much news as I can!


Anonymous said...

Is the song Light Years Apart in the album??That song was AMAZING!!!

Mico.theamazing said...

SWEEET!!! Thanks for all the updates! Hopefully she will get a twitter soon! Or something! =D

Any news on what label she signed with?

So if the album drops in May we can be hearing a new single around late march early april then? *crosses fingers*

Curdey said...

@Anonymous - It's not looking too promising that Light Years Apart will be one of Stacie's songs on this mysterious upcoming 4th album as we were told the song would probably be sold to another artist, which is terribly unfair considering no-one could do that song justice in comparison to our Stacie!

@Mico.theamazing - No worries mate! I know what you mean - it would save so much of our time scavenging around the world wide web if Stacie had a Twitter to fill us on how everything's going - but, that's cool if she doesn't want one :-)

Every day I've been sifting through many many websites trying to find out ANY more details, but no luck so far...ah well, one thing us Stacie Orrico fans are are patient, that's for sure!

Mico.theamazing said...

@Curdey tell me about it, I wish she would release indie singles on itunes or something, lol. I wonder if there is a way to search every single record label out there then search their databases for their artist and see if she is signed to any of those. LOL