Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy 24th Birthday Stacie Orrico!

It is the 3rd March! And does everybody know what this means? It's Stacie's birthday! Wishing Stacie a happy birthday, and all the best for the year ahead.

Make sure to get out 'Genuine', 'Stacie Orrico' and 'Beautiful Awakening' today and give them all a spin in celebration of this special day!


Dallas said...

Happy Birthday to her! I can't believe it'll be a decade this summer since she first debuted! Can't wait for her next album!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Stacie:)
I love you and hope u have an amazing day...its well needed!
God Bless and can't wait fr your new album!

Prisciliano said...

Muy Feliz Cumpleanos Stacie wooow I remember when she was only 17 and now she's 24 OMG also 7 years my best wishes for her


Here is it a preview of a photoshoot of her ....

somebody told me that she may release a single in may in but very sure about it.... enjoy the pic :)

Curdey said...

Oh awesome - thanks so much for the photo and news, Prisciliano!

I really hope we'll get some official announcement on her website/MySpace soon if her new single will drop in May!

Anonymous said...

Stacie - your heart is a guiding star to me. going to listen to '24' by Switchfoot and pray for you. you are surrounded by an ocean of love.