Sunday, May 9, 2010

Stacie In The Studio Circa 2009!

So y'all all remember when Stacie was recording that absolutely insanely awesome 'Light Years Apart'? Well another video has surfaced from last year of Stacie and the gang working on the song - they better not have shopped it to other artists - NO-ONE can sing that song like Stacie can! Fingers crossed we'll be hearing the song on Stacie's new album - it has smash hit written all over it! Check out the video here:


Anonymous said...

d00d, seriously she better not have sent that track to another artist. and you are absolutely right, NO ONE I MEAN, NO-FREAKIN-ONE can sing that song like our girl stacie! all my fingers are crossed and praying that this song is on the new record.
<3 <3 <3

Dallas said...

I really do love this track. I would love to hear the finished version. From the other places I have posted the other video people just loved it. It really could be a top 10 hit smash. It most def. could be her comeback single. I hope she knows how much people love it and they decided to keep it for her!