Monday, June 28, 2010

Novel Tweets About Stacie!

Hi all - I hope you've started submitting your Stacie dedications to Destined, and I look forward to hearing the final product!

Meanwhile, Novel has just posted 2 tweets about Stacie:

Oh! #SIDENOTE : to all my Stacie Orrico Fans... i spoke to her the other day... Shes doing fine & is w/family. She still writing music.
And he also posted a link to 'Easy To Luv You':

1 Of my Fav Songs & Artist ive ever worked with :
Novel and Stacie made some incredible music together, so here's hoping that they reunite soon and collaborate on some new material for Stacie!

1 comment:

feiseldad said...

Glad to hear the news.
I've always liked the way she honors God with her voice, and has fun doing it.

Keep on writing and singin' baby Ella!