Tuesday, March 29, 2011

First update for 2011!

Wow, how time flies! And for us Stacie fans, we know that more than ever - so hard to believe it's been 5 years since we've had an album from our gal! Hope everyone is all well.  Dropping by to wish Stacie a belated 25th birthday for the 3rd of March (hey, at least I'm not yet a month late!) Hope she had a wonderful day surrounded with family, friends and loved ones.

The second reason for this update is to bring your attention to a lovely article written in the Christian publication Cross Rhythms, which is counting down 'The Spirit of Rock And Soul' - a countdown of the 1001 greatest recordings of Christian artists. Coming in at no. 339 is the little-known Stacie Orrico song 'Truth', off her 'Say It Again' EP!

But what is most heartwarming is the article accompanying the acknowledge:

339. STACIE ORRICO - TRUTH, 2002. From the album 'Say It Again', Forefront.Astonishingly Stacie was only 15 when she recorded this dazzling album and 'Say It Again' with Stacie's expressive and passionate vocals and crisp inventive production from Tedd T, Michael Anthony Taylor and Mark Heimermann made it one of the best pop R&B albums of 2002 or any other year. This is my favourite cut, a lolloping piece of funk over which sassy young Stacie exhorts us to pursue the truth of the Gospel. Stacie's sudden departure from the music scene after disillusionment with the star-making mechanisms of the mainstream music industry mean that Christendom has lost one of its finest singers. Let's hope Stacie returns, at least to the CCM arena, one day.Tony Cummings

I couldn't agree more, and I'm sure I'm speaking for many of us Stacie fans!

Anyway, stay safe, happy and healthy everyone, and hopefully one day soon I'll have a post that involves the words 'New', 'Stacie' and 'Album' (one can still hope!) Take care x

P.S. You will have noticed my little box of shameless self-promotion on the right-hand side of the site - if you have the time, give a few of my tracks a listen :)


Geyrison Erikson said...

Não sei ou não posso afirmar com certeza agora, mas sei que vi vários nomes presentes aqui ao redor dos comentários FORAM CITADOS NOS BEAUTIFUL AWAKENING CRÉDITOS!

à parte, como a Stacie é "realmente real", eu gostaria que alguém dissese um recado para ela... Meu e de meus colegas brasileiros fãs quase desesperados por vê-la, por ser uma pessoa tão diferente e normal ao mesmo tempo, e ainda sim não é uma pessoa comum, uma pessoa qualquer. Querida Stacie aprendemos todos juntos com a sua caminhada, de perto, de longe, de mais longe ainda. como dizem por aqui "quero ser igual a vocÊ quando crescer" hahaha.. beijos mil... feliz aniversário!

Geyrison Erikson said...

I do not know or can not say for sure now, but I know I saw several names presented here and around the comments WERE CITED IN THE BEAUTIFUL AWAKENING CREDITS!

apart, as Stacie is "really real", I would like someone to tell her a message ... My Brazilian colleagues and my fans almost desperate to see her, being a normal person and so different at the same time, and yet is not an ordinary person, nor any one person out there. special you are, Dear Stacie learn together with your walk, near, far, from farther away. as they say here "want to be like you when I have grown" hahaha .. million kisses ... happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Strangely enough, I still have this on my mp3 player. I actually have this on three mp3 players.I like to get a new one every few years and transfer all my tracks. You'd be surprised at how many Stacie O fans do not have Say it Again.

Anonymous said...

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