Thursday, August 11, 2011

Stacie working hard in the studio this week w/Cannon

The always-incredible Mr. Cannon, one of Stacie's good friends (and an all-round great guy!) has shared some beautiful pics of Stacie taking a break amidst working hard in the studio this week with Cannon - and he assured me that they're cooking up something very special for us fans - can't wait!  Make sure to keep checking back here at So Stacie for the latest on the studio progress, and in the meantime enjoy these stunning pics! :-)

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Geyrison Erikson said...

o cabelo deste geito? me lembra uma capa alternativa para o album "say it again", disponível na galería fotográfica do antigo STACIE ORRICO ONLINE. então, será que ela lançara algum album intitulado "say it again... again!"? (risos)