Monday, September 19, 2011

Something to hold you over till an official announcement...

As we patiently await an official announcement, here's some absolutely gorgeous new shots of our gal Stacie - I'm loving the one with Stacie at the piano (previewing some new material for a few lucky people maybe? ;P) Enjoy and hold tight - fingers crossed we'll get some exciting announcements sooner rather than later..

- Credit to Christopher Kuehl & Christopher 'Cannon' Mapp :)


Geyrison Erikson said...

lets go to a parody (translated by google)

A beautiful _wa+"iting"
has "tired" my soul ("this all")
A beautiful waiting
that only "start" _now
A beautiful W...x...y...zzzzz

Jeremy James said...

cant wait

Looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...

The piano shot, was taken while playing back home, in the family room of the Orrico home.