Sunday, October 23, 2011

And on a personal note: Some exciting additions to my collection..

I've been doing a bit of Stacie collecting lately, and thought I'd share with you my recently acquired new treasures! First cab off the rank is my Japanese Special Edition of 'Christmas Wish', which includes a cardboard cover with the (There's Gotta Be) More To Life single artwork, and tracklisting-wise, contains The Christmas Song and What Are You Doing New Year's Eve.  Secondly is my 'So Simple' promo single, which only has So Simple on it, and is in a cardboard case. And the one I'm most excited about is my copy of the EXTREMELY hard-to-find US/Canada version of 'Beautiful Awakening'! I absolutely adore the artwork of this edition, and I've always wanted to own it and now I can finally say I do :)

So get to it and release some new material ASAP Stace so I can expand on my already very healthy-looking collection hehehe.. ;)


Geforcepat said...

Awesome! wish i had those

Anonymous said...

this is us version beautiful awakening?
We miss her! <3

Anonymous said...

Hmm, by any chance, would you be able to share where you got it from?

Mike said...

Hey Curdey,
I know u used to talk to Stacie, but as a huge fan of her, is there any way u can ask her to get in contact with me, if u still talk to her?? I would soooooo love to chat to her and get to know what she's up to more :)
Talk 2 ya later :)