Saturday, December 7, 2013

'The X Factor' Australia winner Dami Im namechecks Stacie as biggest influence

The most recent season of The X Factor Australia saw Australia's first Asian-Australian pop star in Dami Im win the title, and has just released the music video of her debut single 'Alive' (watch below!).  In today's 'The Australian' newspaper, Dami is question about her biggest musical influences, to which she replies:

Which artists have inspired you?
Beyonce. She's always trying so hard and puts in so much effort even after such a long career. She's always trying new things and I think that's the reason why she's the biggest star in the world. Also Stacie Orrico; she is a strong Christian, but a really amazing pop star and a good role model for younger people, so I want to be like her.

 From what I saw of the program, Dami is exceptionally talented and I think it would be amazing if one day Stacie and Dami could duet! To read the rest of the article click here, and make sure you check out Dami's music video below:

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