Saturday, May 16, 2009

More 'Oz' Tour Dates added!

Hi all! Well, all you lucky American Stacie Orrico fans are in for a treat - 'Oz the Musical, Starring Stacie Orrico' is heading to a theatre near you! HEAPS more dates have been added for the show, all across the USA! Updated tour dates are now up to the right-hand side of 'So Stacie', or you can check it out at

And for those people confused at seeing Diana DeGarmo, ex-American Idol contestant, everywhere on the Oz the Musical website, don't be confused - Diana WAS playing the role of Dorothy, but now Stacie has taken over the role!

Anyone wanna fly me to the USA so I can go see Oz??? :-P


Solomon said...

Oh~~~I don't live in America either, that's too bad.I basiclly live on the other side of the globe!!!

Anonymous said...

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