Friday, May 8, 2009

Stacie to star in Oz!

Thanks to Stacie Orrico Online, we have found out that Stacie is starring as Dorothy in Oz The Musical! To check it out, and for tour dates (USA only - boo!), go to

Wow! It seems Stacie has been one busy bee lately! If you didn't already know, Jarvis Church let 'So Stacie' know a few days ago that they're working on her new album at the moment, and with this musical as well, it seems that Stacie has got a lot going on at the moment - how exciting!

Hopefully either Stacie's official website or MySpace will finally be updated soon, so we can be kept a little more informed!

P.S. Tour dates for the musical, which features Stacie in the title ("Oz the Musical, Starring Stacie Orrico"!) are posted on the right-hand side of the website! I wish I could click my heels and suddenly be transported to the US for a day to go see Stacie in Oz!!!

P.P.S. I hope you like the new 'Oz the Musical, starring Stacie Orrico' theme for the website! *Sings 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow'*


The Prophet said...

Great news! I can't wait for more music info

The Prophet said...

Check my blog, there's a special surprise!!!

Curdey said...

Hey Prophet!
Thanks so much for letting me know about that!
Unfortunately I don't think that is Stacie singing that - I think it's Jayms Madison.
It's a hot song though, and they should definitely give it to Stacie!

Mico.theamazing said...

You might want to add that Stacie will NOT be joining the "OZ" tour until JUNE 1st =(

Curdey said...

Thanks Mico, will do! :-D