Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Interview with Tristate...Stacie song shopped to Ciara earlier this year!

Courtesy of Dallas (you're THE MAN!), an interview with Tristate from Tristate Inventory Productions has surfaced on YouTube, dated in January this year - in the vid, Tristate mentions working with our girl Stacie, Jayms Madison and Cannon on a song, that was shopped to Ciara - I think he said the name of the song was 'Right'!
I really hope that Stacie will keep this song for herself, as Ciara obviously didn't take it because it's not on her new album 'Fantasy Ride'...
I'm really eager to hear this track - I reckon it'd be hot, as most of Ciara's songs are real uptempo R&B tracks.
Anyway, check out the vid below!

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