Monday, June 15, 2009

Jordin Sparks A-Twitter About Stacie!

Jordin Sparks has took to her Twitter to post about her love of Miss Orrico's brilliant music through quoting 'Don't Look At Me'! Here's the posts:

"Don't look at me if youre looking for perfection...(cont)

don't look at me I will only let you down.

I do my best to point you in the right direction...

Don't look at me no no no. Don't look at me look at HIM

That quote was from an amazing singer Stacie Orrico. Look her up! I wasn't putting myself down, I was letting you know how I feel.

I know Stacie is a Christian singer...I grew up listening to her. As well as miss Rachael Lampa who is with me right now! :D"

It's great to see a singer like Jordin Sparks recognising Stacie's amazing talent! And the fact that Jordin was chilling with Rachael Lampa is awesome as well! A duet between Jordin and Stacie would be fantastic, I reckon!


Alli said...

Thanks for the constant updating. I look to your site now, far more than Please keep me informed with Stacie news? I am keeping a music blog which covers a wide variety of music, and I like to feature her, every so often. I am a devout fan. :)

Thanks for keepin' her alive & the news coming!

Curdey said...

Thanks Alli! I'm so glad to hear from a regular viewer!!! I'm determined to always be the first with Stacie news, and I'll always be updating regularly - even in the quiet times! :-)
Thank you SO much for your support - I really appreciate it! And thank you for featuring Stacie on your site - she's such an amazing talent, and deserves big success!

Anonymous said...

Stacie is amazing. There is no doubt in my mind that she's one of the most innovative singers that i have ever heard and inspirational to me everyday. i listen to her everyday as well...thats how amazing she is. she keeps me going and her music has really influenced me in a huge has gotten me out of hardships and doubts about my faith. She has touched millions and im one of them. Thank you Stacie, keep making that amazing music we all love and adore, and God Bless you and your family.