Sunday, June 21, 2009

'Oz the Musical Starring Stacie Orrico' Cancelled!

Very unfortunate news today - 'Oz the Musical', starring our very own Stacie has been cancelled due to financial difficulties! Very sad to hear! That means that USA Stacie fans will have to wait just that little bit more longer to see her perform.

I'll keep you updated on any developments with this story, but if this is definitive, then it looks like Stacie will hopefully have some time up her sleeve to concentrate on the new record :-)


Fer said...

Do you know is Stacie is going to have a new disk late this year or early next???

Curdey said...

Hey there!
We've heard from a few sources that Stacie is working on a new record, but as to when it will be released is still up in the air at this stage - people's guesses seem to be around mid-2010 - as soon as we get any more 4th album news, you'll hear about it here! :-)