Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Stacie, the rock chick!

Hey y'all! Here's a treat for you - a new photo! Here's Stacie rockin' out with a pair of drum sticks! She looks so awesome - she can definitely pull off the rock chick look, don't you think!

Maybe the next album will feature Stacie doing a drum solo? ;-P


Alli said...

Where'd you find the picture?

Fer said...

Yes, Where did you find it???
Do you know if stacie replays to this e-mail: Sorrico@gmail.com???
I Would like to hear Stacie singing a rock song!!! XD
I can´t wait for the 4th Album???

Mico.theamazing said...

Maybe she's going to edge it up?! i LOVE IT! I LOOOOVE HER HAIR.

Dallas said...

Im sure that is from her facebook account.

I miss her though! lol I want her back now!!