Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Kevin Zavier speaks on new album front

So, StacieWorld.org is back online! Yay! Stacie World is a great Stacie fansite :-) StacieWorld got into contact with Kevin Zavier, from Creative Jenius, about the Light Years Apart (Million Miles Away) track, and doesn't bring us the news we were really looking for...:

"Stacie is not working on a new album it was a recording session to add vocals for a song which will probably be proposed to another artist."

While this is very sad news, it is also conflicting with what we've found out prior to this - remember, we got into contact with Jarvis Church a couple of months ago, who confirmed that she WAS working on a new record.

So, don't lose hope, fellow Stacie fans - hang in there, and we'll see what happens! :-)


Dallas said...

hmmm....I wish we could hear from her own mouth what she is doing. I knew she was recording demos for other artists, but wasn't sure if she was doing anything for herself.

I just want to know what's up! lol

Curdey said...

Same here, Dallas!
It's so frustrating not knowing - and we've been in the dark for so long!

Hopefully we'll hear from Stacie soon!

Solomon said...

Oh noooooooooooooo.
That new song was AMAZING!!!!!
I do hope she has it in her album.