Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Update from previous post! *UPDATED*

So, we were all a bit worried there with that previous post, weren't we! Well, never fear - the hard-working Dallas has got confirmation from recording studio buddy Cannon (see the Million Miles Away video) that Stacie music should be coming our way soon!

On Dallas' Stacie Orrico Twitter Fan Page (StacieO_News - FOLLOW IT!), Cannon tweeted:

"Hey guys! Well I'm not going to give up too many details especially w/o Stacie's consent. But she's up to a few things & has a lot going on. You guys should be hearing some awesome new music very, VERY [soon]! Stacie's been working on some HEAT! ;)"

We'll be keeping our eyes peeled in eager anticipation to hear from Stacie! :-D Can't wait!


Dallas said...

Yea...after reading what Kevin said I felt kinda fustrated and needed an answer so I asked Cannon. lol

So im excited now. Hopefully she got signed or if she is releasing music im sure she'll do it independently. haha

JTMac said...

What exactly did Cannon say!? I can't wait for ANY news!! :)

Curdey said...

Thanks for getting that info Dallas! I know that I was worried after what Kevin said too - it's a big relief to hear what Cannon said!

Still checkin up on Stacie's official MySpace and website every day to make sure I don't miss the big announcement/new music!

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