Wednesday, November 11, 2009

'Stuck' featured on '100% Hits Of The Decade'

Stacie's mainstream cross-over hit, and arguably Stacie's most well-known song, 'Stuck' has been included on the '100% Hits Of The Decade 2000-2010', a CD dedicated to the best songs of the noughties! To pick up a copy for yourself, or see what other songs made the hit list, go to to check it out for yourself!
As we start to round up the decade that was, we also celebrate a full decade of Stacie Orrico's wonderful music! From 'Genuine' to Beautiful Awakening', 'Don't Look At Me' to 'Knock 'Em Out', our favourite soulful songstress has given us some amazing, memorable music that we know we will cherish for a very long time!
And, as we STILL keep waiting for more news on the mysterious fourth Stacie Orrico record, we thank Stacie for the three wonderful albums she's given us!
Hopefully before the year is out, we'll hear some new news on Stacie's upcoming project!

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