Friday, November 13, 2009

...And More Twitter-Twatter!

So people are speculating the new Stacie Orrico record is to be out May-June 2010, and supposedly Stacie's been signed to a new record label.

Novel (who's worked with Stacie on her self-titled and Beautiful Awakening record) has tweeted that he wanted to get in touch with Stacie, saying:

"@CourtneyJ725 3days ....YO! You got Stacie Orrico contact ...tell her to hit me up while im here...i lost it."

So hopefully something comes of this, as Novel and Stacie have made some amazing stuff together!

I'll keep you updated!


Dallas said...

I would love for them to make some more music!!!

Loved the work he did with Stacie. Since the work he did on her album I became a huge fan of his. Im still waiting for his album to drop, but one thing he does that I love is always release music which I wish Stac would do. haha

Anonymous said...

Um, twatter isn't really a good word to be using, even in that context :)

Curdey said...

Lol @ Anon - you're so dirty! :-P
Ah well, if it's offending people (I didn't mean for it to be taken in THAT context), then I'll change it next time there is any 'Twitter-Twatter' lol.

Alli said...

I don't know if you've ever heard of the singer "Charlotte Sometimes," but did a shout out to Stacie on her blog a couple days ago, Nov. 28th.
Here's the link:

Curdey said...

Thanks for the heads up, Alli! :-)

Listening to all the Stacie christmas songs is making me miss her SO much... :-(

I REALLY hope we'll hear about some Stacie music news soon!