Friday, December 11, 2009

Merry Christmas So Stacers! And MORE Twitter *Blabber*!

Hi friends and a big "Hooray!" for the silly season! I hope you've all bought copies of Stacie Orrico's 'Christmas Wish' CD for your family, friends and loved ones! And if you haven't got yourself a copy, head over to and snap one up!

And just today Stacie Orrico's 'Beautiful Awakening' collaborator Novel had some wonderful, twitterful words to say about our gal:

"IAmNovel: People Sleep on Stacie Orrico But I Bet you ... put your best vocalist up against her, there isnt a Run or Riff she cant do"

and Novel then lists his top 5 favourite female vocalists:

"IAmNovel: No order but: Kim Burell , Melaine Burke (My Moms) , Byork, Imogen Heap ( @imogenheap ), Stacie Orrico, @Cristyle_ My bad that was 6"

Stacie is such an incredible talent, and it's great to see when people acknowledge her amazing gift! Really hope we hear some new Stacie music news soon, and rest assured you'll hear about it right here!


Dallas said...

That's just awesome. I knew he liked her, but never in a thousand years would I ever expect him to say that. I know Stacie has an amazing voice, but I just know the girl can do more and hasn't really showed us yet. Im sure the people she has worked with know!

Anonymous said...

oh, meu Deus!

vejo agora um único comentário em um blog tão bom sobre nossa querida stacie orrico. isto é um crime!
Caro autor, eu, igual a muitos leitores deste blog, ficamos tão felizes com as noticias aqui então não lembramos de deixar um recado.

(a desculpa perfeita...)

Um ótimo 2010 para você, em meu nome e em nome dos fãs brasileiros da "lady orrico" haha!

Curdey said...

^Thanks so much for your support! :-D

Anonymous said...

´legal. este site une o mundo dos textos >> << haha