Wednesday, February 3, 2010

More new Stacie album confirmation!

Thanks to the very trusty Twitter, Dallas (StacieO_News) has found out from accessories designer David Morgan (DavidCrochets) that Stacie is in the studio at work on her new album! Here are the tweets confirming the exciting news:

DavidCrochets: I met one of my most favorite people ever today!!! STACIE ORRICO!!!!! She was soo sweet, and made me an even bigger fan!

DavidCrochets: @beesandme She's in the studio working on a new album! She's been in the music business for a really long time, so a break was def. needed.

DavidCrochets: @StacieO_News Yes! She said that she's in the studio now, working on a new album. I'm so excited for her!

Great to hear! Hopefully this means we'll be getting an update of the recording process from the lady herself very soon!


Dallas said...

I would like to heat what label she is signed to and whether or not if it's indie or a major label.

I am extremly excited though!

Curdey said...

Same here! According to the Australian EMI music website, she's still signed to EMI. How confusing!

Anonymous said...

Stacie baby, i'm so proud of you!
So glad you're getting back into the game sweet face...WAIT, wat am i saying?! you NEVER left the game, your amazingness has always been there and you're the real deal and I am so glad you've decided to continue making music for your crazed fans, LOL. Love u!

Mico.theamazing said...

Great News! Thanks sooo much for that! Y'all are the best!!

Oliver said...

Stacie, my dear.
Como representante de uma grande parte dos fãs da Stacie no BRASIL, quero expressar nossa FELICIDADE pelo retorno tão almejado da cantora que sabe unir bom gosto e excentricidade!