Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Fantasia track penned by Stacie!

According to the Tweets of previous Stacie Orrico collaborator, Novel, a song as shown on American Idol alum Fantasia's new reality television program was penned by Stacie and Novel together! Novel goes on to tweet:

Stacie Orrico is also super easy to record and work with

@JazzBuddafly she actually wrote the song with me.. the one fantasia recorded on the episode

SIDE NOTE: Matter fact Stacie is also a writer on the song u just heard Fantasia record on the show.

I'll be on the lookout for what song it is, and I'll post it when I find out!


Dallas said...

Oh WOW that's amazing! I have been watching her show & when Novel said he was gonna be on the show. I really liked the song he did for her, but now that Stacie co-wrote is just awesome! I can't wait to hear it!

Anonymous said...

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mattconnect said...

LOVE stacie so do post whatever news you can find about this :) cannot wait for the next album AHHAHAHH!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow that is such a huge accomplishment...Fantasia is a major recording artist and Stacie is writing for her, thats rele amazing and I hope and pray for the best for her. She's gonna be making major BANK if that song gets huge! I LOVE U STACIE!

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Mico.theamazing said...

on they just leaked out 4 fantasia songs. are any of those songs it? (I can't download them, I only use my work's PC).

Dallas said...

YOu guys haven't heard the song yet? lol It was on her TV show. Here's the part of her in the studio with Novel singing the song. It's called "I Can't Be Without You"

Dallas said...

Here's a better link of the song.

Curdey said...

Thanks for the link-up Dallas! Fantasia's completely unknown in Australia, so naturally we don't get her reality tv show down here lol..