Monday, October 21, 2013

Attend the Nomad gig IN-PERSON! Stacie fills us in in the latest vlog

Stacie is looking fabulous in the latest vlog posted not long ago, in which she tells us a bit more about the Nomad gig in New York, and tells us that you can now bid on tickets to see the concert live and in the flesh! How exciting for you lucky Americans! Just head here to start bidding:  Also, make sure to head to Stacie's official Facebook and Twitter (links to the right) and send her your song requests for the concert! I think I might just request her to perform the entire Beautiful Awakening record! ;P And, if you haven't yet bought your cheap-as-chips ticket to the online show (only $7!!!), just go to and buy a ticket and tell all your friends!

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Jeremy James said...

I missed it, Started at midnight CAT - South African TIME and I assumed incorrectly that it was tonight at 12, not starting this morning at 12. So disappointed. So disappointed